Welcome! This is Nancy,
a Systems Thinking designer.


About Me

As a designer, I have always been curious about how and why my clients make their decisions when picking a design. I started understanding Design Thinking in 2009, when I was working for Intel client. I moved to Boston in 2013, and more than ready to pick the UX path from the early experience. The Interactive Design Major from graduate school also helped me to systematically prepare for this path.

Here I am, a user experience designer.

Besides the enhanced knowledge of Design Thinking, I have been taking courses in Systems Thinking and practice designing for systems.

Outside of designing, I travel as much as I can to appreciate the world, taking in its culture, nature, and food! My favorite adventure has been Maui Island, Hawaii.

In Boston, I am a member of the Living Room Dragon Boat team. We paddle weekly in the summer on the Charles River. We travel across the country for races as well.