Content Strategy - Take Tours

Take Tours is a travel agency that provides US tour packages for people traveling in the US with basic English understanding. I have conducted a content plan for helping the site to attract more users and maintain current ones.


The Take Tours website had a lot of content without a clear structure. The users easily got lost, and had a hard time making decisions. Moreover, the exiting rate on the home page was high.The team was looking for reasons of the poor bounce rate, and suggestions for improvement.


I acted as a content strategist and a lead UX/UI designer. I created a simpler homepage structure; provided a website language guideline towards non-English speaker users; and mocked up a homepage and some key features to help the user's decision making, and improve the user experience.

Tools: Excel, Keynote, and Illustrator


1. Site Critique

The homepage provided overwhelming and duplicated information, causing the user to get lost quickly.

The text size and spacing were not generous, and some font color did not pass contrast compliance. It caused low readability for the users.

The site was not responsive for mobile users and therefore unusable for the travelers who mainly use their phone.

2. Content Audit

I audited content on the landing page (93 links) and the secondary page (578 links). The main findings are:

  1. There were 27% duplicated links; some of them kept users in a searching loop, causing them frustration.
  2. Tour packages pages had similar titles and the same images, it increased confusion and challenged users' short memory.
  3. Many links were broken, thus the user could not meet their goals quickly, and it frustrated them.
  4. Most pages had missing images. This reduced the user's satisfaction, especially when they wanted to experience what the attractions may look/feel like.
  5. Multiple search areas were offered on one page, with different functionalities. It discouraged the user from using it.
  6. Navigation was broad and offered multiple locations; it caused the user to have a hard time to track their path.

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3. Analysis and Recommendation

4. Design Recommendation: Landing Page IA

To address the issues above, I simplified the user tour package searching journey. I took out the three searching options from the landing page, limited tour package information with only a tour title, duration, price range, and rating. I also created a responsive layout for the site, and a Plan My Tour/Private Tour feature. Please see the design After.



6. User Flow - Create a private tour

Explore Existing Plan

Plan My Trip