App Design - The One Dating App

This dating App focuses on helping users quickly find their ideal match with a similarity of personality, and common interests.


The users complained that they have a hard time to find the right match, and felt they were wasting time and energy on a lot of one-date only experiences.


Executed the full life cycle app design process, from doing user research and interviews, to sort IA and functionality system, design wireframes, UI and ran user testing.

Tools: Google Questionnaire, Sketch, Invision, Flow Chart

1. User Research

12 in-person interviews and 26 questionnaires were collected, the results showed the frustration of untrustworthy matches and a romantic relationship is difficult to develop.

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2. Feasibility Research

Three features were created after the research:

  1. linking users' account to their Facebook and Linkedin accounts, which prevented unproductive relationships with untrustworthy users.
  2. Provided a notification when a match met the customized matching score and nearby location.
  3. Set up a questionnaire (20 questions) that established a user profile for matching.

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3. Persona

4. User Journey

I created a user journey to assist the user in setting up their profile and matching preferences

5. System Functionalities

I placed all the features and functionalities within the App's nested structure to map out the design.

6. Wireframe

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7. User Interface Design

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8. Prototype

A prototype to demonstrate interactions. Try it!